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Victim Impact Panel (Online)    

The victim impact panel is a panel that is comprised of victims and survivors of intoxicated drivers. The goal of the victim impact panel is to demonstrate the impact that an intoxicated driver has on other individuals of a community.  In the past, victim impact panels were held only 1-2 times per month and may not have necessarily been in your area. The TX VIP Program was developed to offer a more convenient approach to completing your court ordered panel. 

Our panel is available to you 24/7 after registration and can be taken at your convenience. Once you have completed our panel, you will have the option to take a 10 question quiz (as many times as needed) until you receive a 100% score. You will then receive a verification letter via email as proof that you have completed the court ordered victim impact panel. All verification letters are emailed and mailed before noon (Central time) the following business day. 

TX VIP Program's mission is to increase public awareness and avoidance of drinking and driving and assist individuals and families who are victims of drinking/drugged driving. 
Current campaign (2015-2021): Securing our future. Support technological developments that help automatically determine whether or not drivers are above the limit of .08. Decreasing the amount of drunk drivers on Texas roads helps save lives. 
Have questions about TX VIP Program or its work? Click here to view some of the most frequently asked programs about our organization and/or the online victim impact panels. If you need any additional assistant, feel free to call or email us at [email protected]
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